The layout, building plans, specification of the bungalow(s), features and benefits proposed at Raichak on Ganges are preliminary and subject to finalisation.

Though no effort will be spared to carry them out, GGL Hotel and Resort Company Limited may affect such variation, addition, alteration, deletion and/ or modification therein as it may, at its sole discretion, deem appropriate and fit, or as may be directed by any competent authority.

However, the constructed area of the bungalow(s) may increase or decrease up to a maximum of 5%. No complaints regarding design, layout and accommodation shall be entertained by GGL Hotel & Resort Company Limited.

All dimensions have been rounded off. Marginal revision may be necessary during construction. Dimension indicated in the building plans are in meters and are inner dimensions of all space (excluding wall thickness). Furniture layout shown in the brochure / website is indicative of how the unit can be used. No furniture is provided with the bungalow(s).

The map shown is not to scale and the distances mentioned are approximate under ideal traffic conditions. All the exterior & interior images are artistic impressions.

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